“The South Downs SCITT has been an excellent experience from start to finish with consistent support from both tutors and fellow trainees. The in-school experience is fruitful and allowed me to progress more than I first imagined as a teacher. I would recommend this route to anyone considering a career in teaching.”

“I have found that the SCITT training route has been the best way for me to learn exactly what being a teacher entails. I was placed in school from the start of term and really felt like a member of the team, rather than just a student. I was placed in a range of settings and was able to look at the development of students in a number of age ranges. The support and guidance from the course leaders and tutors is second to none. It could not have been a better start to my teaching career.”

“The support and guidance offered by The South Downs SCITT has been exceptional. The course allows you to work alongside current outstanding practitioners, learning from their experiences and expertise. The professional studies are delivered by an outstanding team of people headed up by Lianne Allison, all of whom could not give you more of their time and support. My decision before I started the course was whether or not to do a university based course or a SCITT. The experience and professionalism of The South Downs SCITT has been both challenging and rewarding but I would not have wanted to complete my teaching training anywhere else.”

“I cannot fault the support and training received from The South Downs SCITT. We were provided with a detailed and comprehensive programme of study throughout the year and the support from training staff was impeccable. The school is a great place to gain valuable experience working in an inclusive comprehensive school with a specialist support facility on site. I would recommend it to anyone!”

“Angmering is a fantastic school to develop and train within; headed by the professional guidance of Lianne Allison. The expertise, commitment and dedication from staff that go above and beyond to offer high quality teacher training.”

“The Professional Studies Programme was fantastic as on a regular basis we were provide with information about different areas that supported our professional development. The quality of the training provided by the school was great, we had several different sessions on different areas that were beneficial to supporting my professional development. The School allocated time for us which provided us with opportunities to work with other School Direct student providing us with lot of information. Every part of our training provided us with additional information that supported my trainee year. The training provided really helped develop my knowledge and understanding of different school policies and areas of the curriculum.”