The subjects we offer are: art, biology, chemistry, computing, drama, English, geography, history, mathematics, physical education, physics and religious education. 

Teacher Training Days will be at Durrington High School on Wednesdays. These will include Professional Studies and Subject Study. The team will deliver aspects of training and provides academic support with the preparation and assessment of the three PGCE assignments, tutor visits, quality assurance and assessment against the Teachers’ Standards.

School Experience: typically 4 days a week from September to July. The school will deliver some of the professional and subject study in accordance with the programme requirements and documentation and jointly assess the trainee against the Teachers’ Standards.

PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education): All trainees will undertake the academic award of Post Graduate Certificate in Education (M Level – 60 credits). The University of Brighton moderates and awards for the PGCE.

School Based Experience: All trainees are expected to work in school for the entire academic year – September through to July.  

For the recommendation of QTS, all trainees will be formally assessed in 2 consecutive key stages: (11-16) key stage 3 and key stage 4.

The time in school will include the following: majority of time in first school with an alternative placement in the autumn term in a different phase.  Additionally, there are five intensive practice weeks addressing core curriculum strands throughout the year. 

All of our partnership schools are based in West Sussex and have good transport links. This means our trainees typically travel less than 30 minutes to reach their placement school. We organise the placements for you.